Nomads started in 2010 in the city center of Amsterdam and has expanded its success with its first branch in Istanbul; an influential city in terms of economy and amusement throughout the world. Su Entertainment Group Reina, one of the leading organizations within the amusement sector in Istanbul, has added Nomads to its portfolio, followed by Supperclub, Suada Club-GS ISLAND and Mels.

Rob Wagemans, the architect of Nomads Amsterdam who created a breath-taking ‘East meets west - design’, has done the exact same for Nomads Istanbul. We are proud to announce that the elite quarters of Istanbul stated that they enjoy having the opportunity to visit a highly elegant restaurant and night club decorated with exquisite, hand - crafted chandeliers and accessories from Morocco.Not only are we proud of our interior, but the looks of the building we are located in perfectly suit our concept.Nomads Istanbul is located in the renovated building of Crystal in Ortaköy, which has the looks of a classical Arabian house.

At Nomads, you can enjoy a drink and a nice chat at our amazing bar decorated with a handcrafted Arabian lamp. The tables and niches with Bosphorus view at the upper section adds something extra and gives absolute pleasure to your evening.

Nomads Istanbul is run by Metr’otel Ismail Tunç and his professional team. The menu is influenced by the Arabian and Moroccan cuisine and is prepared by chef Ismail Bulut. Common ingredients that are used are peppermint, parsley, thyme, cilantro, lemon, chermoula (Moroccan condiment) and tarragon and combinations of those. Your taste buds will pleasantly be surprised as it will create a unique tastes you may never enjoy elsewhere. On the menu you will find three sections; cold starters, warm starters and desserts. All our dishes are served in small portions called mezzes which you will share. This will make it possible to taste as many Arabian dishes as possible. All the mezzes are served with Lebanon and Iraqi bread on large, round copper trays.

DJ Adil Topçu, the music director, will amuse the quests by mixing modern Arabian music (exotic, slow and high rhythm) with west music. Vakıf, the choreographer, will perform great dance shows during the evenings performed by his professional dancers.