The design of Nomads built in the old building of old Crystal at Ortaköy, which was renovated, has the fascination to reflect the classical Arabian house. You are welcomed by “Bahou” hostess by whom the Arabian greets their quests at the entrance and thus you feel yourself ready to enter “El-Jarda”, the secret garden glamorized with all tunes of green in the tastefully decorated Arabian homes. When you enter, you are entertained by the lodge section, tastefully furnished with divans and sofas and you feel relaxed to be welcomed by the “wast ad der” courtyard, the heart of the Arabian houses, filled with all tunes of light. You have the fun of drink chat under the grandiose light of the bar decorated with exotic hand-made Arabian lamp. The tables and lodges with Bosporus view at the upper story of Nomads- Istanbul add a further taste and pleasure to the aura. The Istanbul-Nomads shall be run by Metr’otel Ismail Tunç and his distinguished team. The menu peculiar to the Arabian and Moroccan cuisine is prepared by chef Ismail Bulut.A lot of peppermint, parsley, thyme, cilantro, lemon, kermula (Moroccan condiment) and tarragon are used in the food, which add a further unique taste you may never enjoy elsewhere. The freshest ingredients are used in the whole menu. The menu of Nomads is comprised of three sections, namely, cold starters, hot starters and desserts. When these snacks are together with each other you are bound to feel the enjoyment of having the taste of a small Arabian menu. All the snacks are serviced in huge round copper trays, together with Lebanon and Iraqi bread .You may choose the snacks which you like from these trays.

DJ Adil Topçu, the music director, will amuse the quests by mixing modern Arabian music of exotic, slow and high rhythm with west music. Vakıf, the Choreograph, shall perform attractive stage dances with dancer shows performed by the graduates of conservatory.